Ashwini Karmarkar secured GRE score: 330/340 and TOEFL / IELTS Score: 115/120
Debrina Roy secured GRE score: 300 and TOEFL / IELTS Score: 92
Bharadwaj S Kulkarni secured GRE Score: 323
Debrina Roy joined MS in New Jersey Institute Of Technology, USA.
Ashwini Karmarkar joined MS in New Jersey Institute Of Technology, USA.
A total of 118 B.E students out of 142 of Mechanical Engineering students were got placed through campus placement in both IT and core companies.


Nikhil C Chouhan founded the companies Trimurthi Power Pvt Ltd and Roop Ganga Power Pvt Ltd.
– Imperial College London, UK,
– University of Edinburgh, UK
– Swansea University, UK
– University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
– University West, Sweden
– Columbia University, USA
– Rutgers University, USA
– IIT (Madras, Bombay, Kharagpur)
– Automobile Development Internship held at HKBK College of Engineering




“Semi-Active Suspension for an Automobile”

“Optimization approach for synthesis of 5 point double toggle mechanism”

Curve fitting for coarse data using Artificial Neural Network

“Analysis and optimization of an 8 bar mechanism”

Curve fitting for coarse and fine data using ANN, Mathematical Sciences

“Kinematic Analysis and Optimization of a 6 bar mechanism”

“Theoretical study of slurry erosion of Al 2014 using Buckingham pie theorem”

“Compartive compressive study of Al 7Si 0.6 Mg-xTiB2 (x=5, 10wt%) insitu composite foams”

Attended a Vishwa Konkani Student Scholarship Fund program, “PRERANA’16-A Confluence of Ideas & Motivation” at Mangalore.

Participated in Trailblazers held during Quark’16, “A Cosmic Odyssey” at BITS Pilani, K K Birla, Goa Camp.

Participated in a two day workshop on “Ansys” at VIT University – Vellore, on 5th & 6th March organized by IBNC India & iMedita Learning Solutions (P) Ltd.


Organized the event Samarpana, Bake Sale

Organized the programs Prakalpa- 2013,2014; Bootstrap-2015.

Participated and hosted two day All India Seminar on “Linear Friction Welding”


Team HAYA won the overall Second position at SAEINDIA SUPRA 2015 held at MMRT Chennai. The car was judged as the best environmental friendly car and was awarded with a GO GREEN award. The team grabbed first place in autocross event.

Team HAYA participated in SAEIndia SUPRA 2016 at Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida secured First place in Marketing Presentation round and won trophy with a cash award of Rs. 30,000.


Dr. N. Rajesh Mathivanan got the best paper award in International Conference on Design, Manufacturing and Mechatronics, Pune 2014.

International Conference

13th UK Heat Transfer Conference, UKHTC2013, 2 – 3, September 2013, Imperial College London

11th International ISHMT-ASME, Heat and Mass Transfer Conference 2013

HEFAT 2015, Skukuza, Kruger National Park, South Africa, 11th International Conference on Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

3rd Conference On Nano Technology For Better Living, IIT Kanpur, 2016

International Conference on Emerging trends in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 2015

International Journals

“Correlations for Heat Transfer Coefficients and Wall Temperatures for Laminar & Turbulent Free Convection from Plane vertical Surfaces to Supercritical Fluids”,

“An Experimental Investigation on the Process Parameters Influencing Machining Forces during Milling of Carbon and Glass Fiber Laminates”

“A Simple Method to Calculate Shell Side Fluid Pressure Drop in a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger”

“Dynamic Behaviour Of A Three Fluid Heat Exchanger Subjected To Step Change In Inlet Temperature Of Hot And Cold Fluids”,

“A study on slurry erosion and corrosion behaviour of HVOF sprayed titania coatings”,

“Role of particle stimulated nucleation in recrystallization of hot extruded Al6061/SiCp”,

“Effect of Hot Forging on Mechanical Characteristics of Al6061-TiO 2 Metal Matrix Composite”

“Slurry Erosive Wear Behavior of Hot Extruded Al6061-Si3N4 Composite “

“Air jet Erosion Wear behavior of Al6061- SiC-Carbon fibre Hybrid Composite”

“Design of Experiments to Study Slurry Erosive Wear Behavior of Inconel-718
Coatings on Copper”,

“Adaptive Neural Network for Estimation of Sliding Wear Behaviour of Al6061-Carbon Fiber Composites”,